People tell me all the time: "I probably hate myself a lot because all I do is sabotage my best intentions to change." I'm sure you don't hate yourself and I'm also sure that self-sabotage doesn't come from loving or hating yourself. The reason it happens to absolutely all of us is because your subconscious mind is used to having things a certain way and it thinks that changing the pattern can be deadly.
This is the way your mind thinks: "If So and So with all of these (terrible) habits, has been able to stay alive, I'm sure that I'm doing something right." This mind doesn't care about your goals, your happiness or your self-esteem. Its job is to keep you safe and it pats itself on the back every night when it realizes that it, again, managed to keep you alive that day.
Hypnosis is the perfect way to convince this loving but stubborn mind of yours that change is good! That change is part of life and to thank her for the amazing job she's been doing at keeping you alive.
Be nice to yourself, it doesn't matter if you recently gained twenty pounds, if you lost your job or got a gigantic pimple on the tip of your nose. Even if you appear to be a mess, you are absolutely beautiful in the eyes of creation. You are lovely no matter what, you deserve success, no one else has your unique talents and gifts. You deserve joy, happiness, love, laughter. You can do anything. What do you want to do? What goals do you want to accomplish? You have all the ingredients. I can offer you the little push you need.



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