First session has to be 2 hours long ($250). Why? I need to ask you a lot of questions and then hypnotize you. The hypnosis will take approximately 20 minutes. You will take the hypnosis recording with you and you will have to listen to it once a day for two weeks.
Sometimes I will give my clients additional homework if I find it necessary.
I expect my clients to do their homework. Changing long term beliefs is not something that can disappear in 20 minutes.

Second session. One hour long (125) Check how you are doing, how the recording is doing, how are you feeling etc.

Every session after that is usually one hour long ($125)

How many sessions do you think I need?

It varies from person to person but my average per client is 4 sessions total.

Does insurance cover hypnosis?

I don't work with insurance companies.

Can I get reimbursed by my Flexible Health Spending Account?

I'd say yes. In the past none of my clients have had any problem getting reimbursed. I'll just have to issue an invoice for you to give to your company's Human Resource Department

Do you give discounts?

As a way of help out if you are under Medi-Cal, unemployed or you are a student living on your own my fee is: $150 for the first session and $85 every session after that.

What's the best way to contact you?

By email please


(408) 439-8155
Mountain View, CA
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